We are specialised in whole vehicle and mixed cargo international carriage to any location in the European Union. We also provide regional transport services in the UK and in Poland. We perform the services in a short time to suit our customers’ requirements.

International transportation services cover carriage of cargo that in line with the customers’ requirements or due to their features are performed with dedicated means of transportation (with no added load) within the European Union. The advantage of the dedicated transport is that it can be best suited to the carriage of specific cargo and ensures timely deliveries. When goods are carried outside the EU zone, additionally we offer customs services to our customers.

As a result of cooperation with a leading EU carrier - Geoline Logistic Sp z o.o., we have access to a large fleet of own or contracted vehicles with load carrying capacity of 1t to 25t. We offer 13,6 semi-trailers that can carry 33 EUR palettes, Mega-trailers, container and isothermal semi-trailers to carry high value goods, including electronics. DSCompany Ltd offers its customers a service of monitoring goods in transit with the GPS systems installed in all vehicles.


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